Foyer – Jupiter, Florida
Beauty is not sacrificed in this residential interior. The foyer was designed to optimize the natural day lighting to minimize the need for artificial lighting during the daytime. A mosaic designed to mimic an area rug was made out of granite scraps from a local granite fabricator. No-voc and low-voc paints were used on the walls. Custom painted wallpaper was used on the ceiling, a design detail often neglected.

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Kitchen – Islands Of Jupiter, Florida
This residential kitchen was designed for the male chef in the family. The use of all wood cabinets minimize VOC’s . (volatile organic compounds) Natural materials such as granite, stone and stainless steel, give a timeless design that will not be dated. These are also life-cycle features that make an interior green-n-healthy.

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Living Room - Jupiter, Florida
How is this Living Room healthy-n-green? French Doors with operable transoms above help ventilate the space as well as bring in an abundance of natural light. Compact fluorescent bulbs reduce energy costs in lighting. Re-covering existing furnishings are a way to keep furnishings out of the landfills and recycle good quality furniture. Use of natural materials such as wood, metals and rattan do not release harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, which are in particleboard and wood fillers. No-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints are used to minimize toxins being released into the air, which is typical with traditional paints. Hard surface flooring with the use of area rugs minimize dust mite and chemical exposure which is found in carpet dust. Healthy interiors can be beautiful.
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Master Bath Islands of Jupiter, Florida
The abundant use of natural light in this master bath makes artificial lighting unnecessary during the daytime. This not only helps with energy costs, but gives a feeling of well-being. Natural materials such as stone, granite and wood cabinets keep the interior classic as well as the life-cycle element of a green interior.

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Guest Bath –Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
This interior renovation was a much needed improvement to the existing space. The use of mirror helps reflect the only small window in the space, which is used for ventilation. The cabinet is made out of wood and was pre-painted to minimize off-gassing of custom decorative murals.


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