Designed from the shell to a furnished space. The space plan was determined to optimize the efficient use of space, natural light and create a feeling of harmony. Cork, an environmental choice, was used for flooring as well as the column details. With the corks superior acoustical quality for a lobby, it also evokes a warm and understated organic feel. No VOC paints and formaldehyde free cabinets were used throughout the interior. Some existing furnishings were re-used and the remaining furnishings were donated to local thrift stores to be recycled.

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Conference Room
Glass on the conference room doors and the transom above allow natural light to filter into the reception area. Solar fiber window shades diffuse the sunís heat while allowing the natural light into the space. Cork is used as a design detail on the columns, which aid in noise reduction. The wood details are stained with water based products which are low in VOCís.

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Wall unit detail
Look closely at this custom designed wall unit and you will notice glass with blinds behind some of the shelving. This was designed to give the employees visual access of the reception area from the file room while giving a focal point to display sculptures.


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